JAlbum 15.3.4 Crack With Serial Key Download

JAlbum 15.3.4 Crack

JAlbum 15.3.4 Crack With Serial Key Download

JAlbum 15.3.4 Crack With Serial Key Download – They With jAlbum, you can create gorgeous custom photo galleries for the Web without writing a line of code!

  • Beginner-friendly, with pro results – Simply drag and drop photos into groups, choose a design from hundreds of beautiful album skins, and you’re done!
  • Share the memories – Effortlessly upload your album to your website. If you don’t have one, select one of jAlbum’s affordable storage plans.
  • Photo galleries for everyone – jAlbum is the perfect photo-sharing tool for bloggers, small business, social groups, and families.

jAlbum 15.0 Crack

What’s New

Version 15.0:Note: Version 14 is a free upgrade for all who have an active support & update plan (lasts 12 months from purchase).

New and Updated:

  • New 30 trial days for everyone! Free update for anyone having a current support and update plan or active Premium or Power subscription. Discounted updates for users with older licenses. (See status under Help->”About jAlbum” inside software or on your jalbum.net profile page.)
  • Supports 360° images (Tiger skin + new property panel under Edit while editing 360° images)
  • Supports hard links! Drastically (20 times) reduces size of album folders by using hard links for original images and resource files (Toggle under Preferences->Album)
  • New JPEG reading code capable of properly handling several odd JPEG variants and color profiles. (TwelveMonkeys)
  • Now offering four new extra high quality image scaling algorithms: “Blackman-Bessel”, “Blackman-Sinc”, “Lanczos” and “Mitchell”. jAlbum’s image scaling should now match the best alternatives in the industry. See Settings->Images. Credit to TwelveMonkeys for these.
  • New folder property panel allowing quick and intuitive selection of folder specific titles, descriptions thumbnail images and theme images as well as allowing easy selection of theme image crop focus.
  • Theme images may now be selected separately from representing folder images. (Updated Tiger skin demonstrates this, and more skins will follow)
  • The whole code base, including all extensions, refactored to use Java 8 features and more performant constructs. The result should be slight performance enhancements, including somewhat lower startup time
  • Easier to use backups: Now generates “lifeboat” file to album folder during Make album instead of during publishing (toggle under Preferences->Album). This enables users to retrieve backups from published albums even if they were uploaded with 3:rd party ftp tools.
  • Removed ability to include hi-res images (doesn’t seem to be used)
  • Smoother looking splash screen 🙂
  • Bundled with updated Tiger skin supporting separate theme images, among other improvements
  • Allows adding web locations requiring basic http authentication too
  • Windows and Linux versions bundled with latest Java 9.0.1
  • Mac version bundled with updated Java 8u152
  • Updated languages. Thank you dear translators. Missing your language? Contact us!
  • Developers: JDraggableList now supports static lists too
  • Developers. New APIs for adding theme images to your skins.
  • Developers: New “projectionType” variable available (in json format too) to identify 360° images
  • Old code solutions factored out

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed user interface scaling issue for hidpi screens causing too small user interface controls (Windows).
  • Videos larger than screen size couldn’t be edited (Windows only)
  • The preview didn’t always render the full web page on initial display
  • Web root verification failed for servers that redirects between protocols
  • Fix to “IllegalStateException” being thrown on occasion when using the clipboard
  • Clearing xmp coordinates now properly imports backing GPS coordinates again
  • Didn’t handle xmp based GPS coordinates expressed in deg,min,sec format
  • “Verify web root” didn’t work for ftp servers that redirected between protocols
  • Various minor robustness fixes


  • Intel
  • OS X 10.8.3 or later

Screen Shoot:

jAlbum 15.0 Crack

JAlbum 15.3.4 Crack With Serial Key Download

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